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Body  Talks  Workshop  Series 

There are many paths to self-discovery. Unfortunately, many exclude the body and instead emphasize only the mental and spiritual. In the West, we pride ourselves on intelligence and the ability to problem-solve; we think that “we-think-therefore-we-are,” as the philosopher René Descartes asserted, and we’re cut off from our bodies.

We wear social masks, and shame our vulnerabilities. We seek enlightenment through positive thinking and denial of our humanness. As a result, we’re part of a culture that is physically ill, emotionally starved, mentally exhausted, and spiritually bankrupt. Many of us are lonely and out of touch with who we are and how to connect authentically with other human beings.

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How  Do  You  Stand  in  Relation  to  Many  Realms ?

A somatic (body-centered), mindfulness-based approach to personal growth and exploration, called The Hakomi Method, informs much of my work. “Hakomi” is a Hopi Indian word meaning “How do you stand in relation to…many realms?” Or, more simply, “Who are you?”

We pose this question in this series of workshops by slowing down and connecting with our breath, with our physical sensations, and with our emotions in a curious and nonjudgmental way. Herein lies the portal to a journey deep within, where our Souls have long awaited our return and bid us the fullness of life colored with wonder, mystery, and miracle (even in the mundane).

The  Workshop  Series 

Join me in this monthly in-person and virtual Body Talks Workshop Series covering the following topics and more:

  • coping with and relieving anxiety and depression

  • accessing and working with the Higher Self

  • navigating a Dark Night of the Soul

  • tolerating strong emotions and feeling with ease

  • shifting limiting or painful core beliefs
    about yourself and the world

  • breaking free from patterned behaviors

  • authentically relating and connecting with others

  • rewiring your brain for pleasure

  • harnessing the power of your thoughts and visualization

  • finding calm and safety in your five senses and in your body

  • falling in love with yourself (and body image)

  • improved self-care for HSPs and empaths

  • developing intuition or your personal sixth sense

  • understanding and working with your human energy field

  • embracing your shadow

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Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives

  • healing yourself to heal the world

  • journaling for healing and personal growth

  • sand painting (the shaman’s more powerful version of a vision board)

  • getting unstuck

  • channeling your muse or higher form of creativity

Information  for  Virtual  Participants 

Group size is limited for those participating in person, so RSVP by purchasing your ticket in advance. If a workshop is full, please contact me to place you on a waiting list. If there is a cancelation, you will be notified and offered a spot. As a waiting list grows, I may seek space to accommodate a larger group or schedule an additional workshop covering the same topic. Online participants will receive an e-mail with a link to join us and a handout prior to our scheduled start time.

Workshops will be held every second Thursday of the month, 7:15 p.m. to 8:30 pm., at The Mulberry Art Studios — Mulberry on King 253 W. King St., Lancaster, beginning March 9, 2017. Participants will be notified in advance of relocation due to group size. Cost: $15 per workshop date.

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