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Dare  to  Shine  Your  Light

The world’s most thriving Indo-European cultures have honored the strengths of what Dr. Elaine Aron refers to as the Warrior Kings and the Royal Advisors. The Warrior Kings were a more aggressive lot, bent on power, and expansion. To ensure their success and the community’s well-being, they consulted the class of Advisors, or society’s priests, philosophers, and sages. These wise men and women used their gifts of foresight, vision, and intuition to warn the Warrior Kings against engaging in disastrous wars or other decision-making that could have adversely affected an entire kingdom. [i]

Today’s Advisors fill the roles of teachers, writers, artists, historians, judges, researchers, counselors, healers, parents, and conscientious citizens. In this age of rebalancing and harmonizing of the planet, your innate talents are needed more than ever in small businesses and large corporations, in families and communities, locally and worldwide.

[i] The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You, by Elaine N. Aron, PhD, Hay House, Inc., 1996.


You  Are  the One  You've  Been  Waiting  For

Do you long to serve humanity by embodying your best or highest self, living your full potential, and manifesting your dreams?

As a coach and personal growth facilitator trained in a somatic, mindfulness-based approach called The Hakomi Method, I will guide you in accessing your innate wisdom and in using your body as a resource for intuiting your best next steps and tuning into your deepest desires. We’ll work experientially, identifying all of the parts that comprise your whole self, managing them the way you would a complex system or even a company of employees, getting each on board with your goals, and enrolling your essential self as leader. I’ll teach you skills in decision-making or taking steps that are rooted in your dreams rather than in your fears or limiting beliefs.

I’m honored to witness your journey and support you in turning your vision into reality. Call to schedule a free 60-minute exploratory session; this and all future consultations may occur in-person, by phone, or by FaceTime or Skype.

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Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives

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Package plan: $1,800 paid once in full, or four payments of $500, for 8 (eight) 90-minute sessions in-person or by Skype and weekly e-mail consultations. All sessions must be completed within 12 (twelve) months.

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