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Highly  Sensitive  Mystics  : 
New  Moon  Meetup 

For centuries, individuals and communities have gathered to tap into New Moon energy to create sacred space and support their earthly and spiritual ambitions. Symbolizing the feminine, emotions, and intuition, the moon and its darkest phase offer us the opportunity to go within, reconnect with the earth and our bodies, and realign with our purpose through ceremony and contemplation.

Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives

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Where  Two  or  Three  Are  Gathered 

Celebrating as a group magnifies the magic! We’ll ground and center, cultivate gratitude for our blessings, tune into our dreams and desires, and support intentions for ourselves, our community, and the planet.

Bring a snack to share, pen and journal, and an object you hold sacred. Cost to cover administrative and fees for space is $10. RSVP here in advance. Join us in person or online in our closed Facebook group (free) on the following dates, at 7:15 p.m.:


  • Friday,
    January 27

  • Sunday,
    February 26

  • Monday,
    March 27

  • Wednesday,
    April 26

  • Thursday,
    May 25

  • Friday,
    June 23

  • Sunday,
    July 23

  • Monday,
    August 21

  • Wednesday,
    September 20

  • Thursday,
    October 19

  • Saturday,
    November 18

  • Monday,
    December 18

Illuminating the Shadow

Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives

Illuminating  the  Shadow  :  Honor  and  Balance  Your  Inner  World 
to  Affect  Personal  and  Planetary  Healing 

All of us carry with us unconscious residue from past experiences. This is part of what it means to be human. Inner change is when this residue transforms into something of greater value—when the lesson is crystalized, when we become wiser. This transformation is not something that can be dictated or plotted. It can only be allowed and encouraged.

—Michael Wann,
Susquehanna Alchemy

Join me along the Susquehanna River, one of our planet’s oldest, still in existence and dating back to more than 300 million years ago, for a journey of personal and collective psychospiritual healing. Rivers are a place of transformation and symbolize depth, emotion, and the unconscious. What’s more, connection to the Earth and its five elements (air, fire, water, earth, and the cosmos) can calm and support a highly sensitive person’s nervous system.

Heal  Yourself 
to  Heal  the  World 

As we navigate an era in which many of us feel compelled to heal humanity and all sentient beings in some way, it’s crucial first to look within. For we are a microcosm of the macrocosm—and our personal beliefs about ourselves and others impact the health of us all.

Ancient shamanic teachings as well as depth psychologist Carl Jung posited, “As above, so below; as within, so without.” When we see conflict in the world, we may ask where within ourselves conflict resides. Where there is racism and bigotry, we can notice how we judge or hate ourselves. Seeing our river polluted, we might consider how we’ve poisoned our spirits with self-defeating thoughts and emotions or by engaging in behaviors that are out of alignment with our true selves.

Let’s heal the world together, atop High Point Scenic Vista & Recreation Area, with a 360-degree view of Lancaster and York Counties. The spectacular river just below will serve symbolically as a mirror, reflecting what in our shadow, or in our unconscious, longs to be illuminated by the light of our awareness and the compassion of our hearts.

As we navigate an era in which many of us feel compelled to heal humanity and all sentient beings in some way, it’s crucial first to look within. For we are a microcosm of the macrocosm—and our personal beliefs about ourselves and others impact the health of us all.

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Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives

Workshop  Activities  Will  Include: 

• Mindful and somatic (body-centered) “tuning in” to one deeply held belief that keeps you feeling stuck, uncomfortable, and out of alignment with your full potential

• Learning and practicing grounding and resourcing exercises to safely facilitate emotional release and re-centering

• Exercises in depth work to begin the process of freeing you from deeply held patterns and beliefs (includes guided meditation, visualization, and journaling or drawing)

• Group process, sharing, and support

• Group energy healing to reprogram the voice of your subconscious mind to align with the voice of your Higher Self

• Somatic exercise to create new neural pathways in the brain and body memories to reinforce your new, more accurate and expansive sense of Self.

To ensure this workshop’s appropriateness for you, there will be a mini-screening of participants prior to admission. Please reserve 10 to 15 minutes to speak to me by phone or to interact via e-mail at least one week in advance.

Bring a blanket or mat, pen or drawing materials, and paper or a journal. Coming in early Spring 2017. Join my mailing list for cost, scheduling, and further information, or send me an e-mail.

There’s a flame of magic inside every stone and every flower, every bird that sings and every frog that croaks. There’s magic in the trees and the hills and the river and the rocks, in the sea and the stars and the wind, a deep, wild magic that’s as old as the world itself. It’s in you too, my darling girl, and in me, and in every living creature, be it ever so small. Even the dirt I’m sweeping up now is stardust. In fact, all of us are made from the stuff of stars.

—Kate Forsyth,
The Puzzle Ring

Mid-Day Mindfulness

Mid-Day  Mindfulness  Practice 

Reconnect with your bodymind and soothe your nervous system every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., for 20 minutes, during an in-person or virtual mindfulness meditation session.

Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives

Studies in neuroscience show that we can change our brain by engaging for only eight minutes in meditation and experience the following results with longer-term practice:

• enhanced calm, creativity, and a more relaxed nervous system

• decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety

• increased attention and concentration

• slowing the aging process in the brain

• supported addiction recovery

• improved overall psychological well-being


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