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Movement  Medicine  : 
Transformational  Dance 

Turn your attention inward and connect with what wants to move through you. Feel the rhythm of your heart. Hear the sound of your breath. And at your pace and in your authentic way, let your body tell its story—about what it has experienced, what it knows, and the chapter it wants to write next.

Group  Therapy 
on  the  Dance  Floor 

Explore in group what, beneath the surface of your awareness, drives you, what makes your palms sweat, your heart ache, your belly yearn, and your soul cry out for something bigger, better, and more sustaining.

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Feel  Your  Own  Beat.
Find  Your  Own  Rhythm.

Fun is priority here. Connecting with and being witnessed and supported by other human beings is equally important. Healing and transforming in a manner that may look a tad wild is a side effect of the alchemy of this somatic approach to change.

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No dance experience or minimum level of fitness required; here we allow the wisdom of your body to be your guide—even if that looks like sitting in a chair for periods of time! While I’ve participated as a nonprofessional child and adult for 10 years in classical ballet, modern dance, hip hop, belly dance, and authentic-movement approaches that include Dancing Freedom, 5Rhythms, and JourneyDance, my experience in somatic and experiential therapy, mindful movement, body awareness, group facilitation, and coaching most inform and inspire my approach to this modality in personal transformation.

Every first and third Thursday, 7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., starting February 16, 2017. Cost is $20 (cash only, please, unless you pay full price here in advance. First class is free, or class is half-price when you bring a first-time friend). Drop-ins are welcome! We are movingthe class to a larger location, around the corner: The Mulberry Art Studios —Main Location — 21 North Mulberry Street, Lancaster.

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