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Emotional Healing

Your  Safe  Space  to  Heal 
Rather  Than   Simply  Cope

High sensitivity is not intrinsically a reason to seek therapy, nor is it a disorder. Sensory Processing Sensitivity (the scientific term) is a lovely personality trait—one I wouldn’t trade for another if I could. But if, as a sensitive, you’ve experienced the world as overly harsh or threatening or were exposed at a young age to people whose words and actions led you to interpret that there was something wrong with you or that you were unsafe, you may have experienced the following later in life:

• anxiety

• depression

• chronic stress

• burnout

• overstimulation

• emotional pain

• difficulty setting boundaries

• relationship struggles

• self-doubt

• existential or spiritual angst

Few therapeutic approaches heal emotional pain on a core level so that you don’t have to cope with symptoms for the entirety of your life. I employ powerful but gentle somatic (body-centered), mindfulness-based techniques that current neuroscientific research indicates rewire your brain to free you from patterned behaviors and limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck or hurt.

As a fellow sensitive, I hold a safe, nourishing space for your healing process to unfold organically and at your preferred pace. Honoring the innate nature and disposition of your bodymind, I also offer Energy Medicine in the form of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy® to soothe your nervous system and support you in healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When HSPs have fully accepted and integrated our wounded or fragmented parts, we become an unstoppable force for creativity, beauty, and healing in families, communities, and beyond.

The Hakomi Method Energy Medicine
Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives


53-minute sessions are $130; payment is due at the start of each session. Cancelations or rescheduling in less than 48 business hours, or missed sessions, are billed for the rate of a full session. Exceptions are made in emergency cases only. Please contact me in advance of a session with questions or concerns. Please read my Scheduling & Payment page for more information and to see whether you may receive out-of-network insurance coverage.

Deep healing work requires a commitment to yourself and to the process. Clients who prefer to engage in mostly “talk” without slowing down for self-study or who are not ready for change may not be best served by my approach and specialty. Contact me to schedule a free consultation and screening by phone or by the HIPAA-compliant video platform called WeCounsel. Together we will determine whether somatic (body-centered), mindfulness-based healing is a good fit for your needs. All future sessions may be in-person or online.

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