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Energy Medicine

Our bodies are self-regulating and self-healing, tending towards wholeness and perfect health. Throughout our lives, however, emotional crises, suppressed feelings, fear, limiting beliefs, trauma, and even physical problems can limit the flow of energy throughout our body’s electromagnetic energy field.

The energy becomes stagnant and causes what is called energy blockages that can manifest as chronic emotional pain, mental health disorders, and/or physical health problems.

The Hakomi Method Coaching
Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives

Body Talks - Somatic Therapy and Coaching for Sensitives

An  Approach  to  Healing  Versus  Coping

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) clears energy imprints from the human energy field so that clients do not have to contend repeatedly with the same issues throughout their lives.

In traditional talk therapy, mental health professionals emphasize the use of coping skills in addressing symptoms of mental illness. While learning tools to manage and tolerate emotional distress is crucial, imagine the benefits of also healing your issues at their root, on a cellular level! This is possible through the healing modalities I offer.

Energy Medicine in the form of the traditional Usui method of Reiki is an ancient technique that uses Universal life force energy (also known in Eastern medicine and in other cultures as Prana, Chi, Ki, Qi, Innate Intelligence, Argon, Love, Tao, and even the Force—seriously, think Star Wars) to balance the subtle energies within our bodies.

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As a Reiki master practitioner and intuitive energy healer, I act as a conduit or channel through which high-frequency energy travels and addresses your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and reprograms subconscious beliefs to free you from deeply held patterns and programs. Hospitals and clinics, including the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and those around the world, offer Reiki healing to support health.

My specialty in the use of these modalities addresses emotional and psychospiritual issues, while supporting the nervous system of Highly Sensitive People (or HSPs); I offer distance Energy Medicine to clients by request, and use the hands-on approach with bodywork clients. Together, we will determine how much time you spend in session engaged in mindful depth work (The Hakomi Method), versus on the bodywork table receiving Energy Medicine.


*Please note that Energy Medicine cannot be used to treat or heal disease or to replace traditional medical approaches. While I recommend Energy Medicine in conjunction with somatic therapy, clients may also choose to receive in-person or remote energy work only. E-mail me to learn more.

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